How to Avoid Influencer

As influencer-marketing grows and as brands pour more money in their digital campaign, more and more people are becoming influencer wannabe. However, these influencer wannabes only want the perks and popularity of being an influencer without doing the necessary work to reach the status. Some choses the instant way by buying a large number of followers.

Yes, you can easily buy followers on Instagram. There are businesses that offers fake followers for as cheap as $50 for 10,000 followers. According to, there are different types of fakes followers. Some are bots, some are fake account, some are even compromised account of real users.

Working with fake influencers can have negative impacts for your brand. First and foremost, when you work with fake influencers, your ROI will be very low. The aforementioned influencer may post your brands content, but receive low number of engagements from their followers, giving your brand a minimum, if not zero value in return.

Instagram is currently working hard to solve this problem, but it can be nearly impossible for the company to bust all of them. That is why as brands you should be wary.

An Instagram account that have 100,000 followers can look very shiny, but at a glance, you would not have noticed how many of those are fakes. However, that doesn’t mean that you should leave influencer marketing altogether. There are ways for you to bust the influencer-fraud by yourself.

First, you can check the engagement rate of your potential influencers. Usually, fake followers are passive. So, you might want to check your potential influencers engagement rate by adding the number of likes and comments and dividing it by the number of followers. Real-influencers usually maintain at least 5% of engagement rate. A number lower than that could mean that the influencers had bought some of their followers.

Secondly, you can check the so-called influencer followers. You don’t really need to check every single one of them. Pick a proportionate number of samples of their followers, randomly selects it, and check their profile one by one. The easiest way to detect these fake accounts is by looking at their profiles. Fake accounts usually have no profile images, no information, no posts and no activity. They usually have fake looking names and leave spams on other user’s posts.

Secondly, you can use Instagram auditing tools. There are various tools available such as hypeauditor, social blade or social audit pro to help you. The tools can detect the genuineness and credibility of your potential influencers. Simply input your potential influencer’s Instagram username and the tool will analyze it on its own, presenting you a ready-to-use data.