How to best execute an Idul Fitri campaign in Indonesia

It is almost no secret that Indonesian consumers spend more during festive and holiday season, especially during Ramadhan and Hari Raya. According to Cekindo, Religious Holiday Allowance (tunjangan hari raya, or THR) a financial bonus given to employees approaching religious celebration, becomes an important factor in increasing consumer spending during festive season. According to Indonesian law, the payment is compulsory and must be made based on employee’s religion. As Indonesian population consists of Muslim majority, the number of employees that receives THR during Hari Raya Idul Fitri are the largest, thus causing a significant increase in consumption.

As marketers, it is important to capture their attention. According to data gathered by Nielsen, internet usage increases during Ramadhan. In 2018, consumers spend 3 hours 17 minutes accessing the internet and the highest increase is after breaking fast time (at 19:00 – 21:59 WIB). So, internet would be a good place to start to launch your campaign.

The internet is huge and there are various platforms to choose from. YouTube is one of the most popular video platform and has experienced a significant rise. According to Think With Google, viewership on YouTube over the last three years has increased three fold in comparison to TV, while TV viewership remained flat. Instagram users is also busy discussing topics around family, friends, travel, food and online shopping during Ramadhan. According to Check In Jakarta, topics around travel and online shopping are the most often discussed topics by Indonesian Instagram users which peaked on seven days before Eid Capturing consumer’s attention on these platforms can be very useful for your marketing strategy.

Aside of marketing purposes, the festive season can also be useful for brand awareness. Creating emotional content that can go viral on the internet would help people to get to know your brand better. More importantly, audience proactively search for such short stories as they are genuinely interested in it.

Tokopedia’s “ Jadikan Ramadan Kesempatan Terbaik ” went viral as its story provoke audiences’
emotion. The strategy paid off; the content gained organic views as users are willingly sharing it and
thus reaching more and more audience.