3 Facts about Indonesia Social Media User that will persuade you to start using influencer marketing

It is no secret that Indonesian loves (or even addicted to) social media. As you’re hesitating whether your brand needs to launch influencer marketing to penetrate Indonesia market, 84% of marketers are already convinced and are planning to launch influencer campaign within the next twelve months. If that is not enough to convince you yet, here are some facts about Indonesia digital landscape that will.

Fact 1: The size and time spent online in Indonesia is huge

According to Jakarta Post, Indonesia has 150 million internet users who spend an average of 8 hours and 36 minutes online each day. While you’re hesitating, your competitors are already starting. Missing out on that huge attention span to your competitors will hurt your brand.

Fact 2: Internet users are ‘ad-lergic’

Placing ads on websites is so 2000s. According to Niemanlab’s research, 58% of Indonesian internet users are running adblockers in their mobile devices. Understanding Indonesian ‘ad-lergic’ behavior, placing ads on websites are going to be a huge waste. If you’re looking to penetrate on Indonesian market, promoting your brand through organic contents posted by a social media influencer is the way to go.

Fact 3: Indonesian prefers to be involved

Indonesian prefers a two-way communication, in which they are actively involved rather than a one-way message. According to a Jakpat survey in 2017, tutorial channels are subscribed by 54% of YouTube users. Tokopedia, one of the biggest e-commerce platform Indonesia, utilizes YouTube perfectly by posting how-to videos to engage with audience. Working with influencers, especially those who specializes in your brands’ industries will increase your brand’s engagement by having them as your ambassador to get audiences involved.

So, do not hesitate any longer. You need to take part in influencer-marketing now.