Choosing The Right Influencer

Choosing Right Influencer

Influencer marketing is becoming a key strategy for marketers. In a research conducted by Augure involving 600 marketing professionals from various countries and industries, it was concluded that 49% believed that influencer marketing is very effective. However, not all influencers are the same and would yield similar result. Influencers exists in different shapes and sizes. Different influencers possess different traits and engage to different target audiences. Therefore, there are various considerations that needs to be made in choosing influencers for your brand.

The most common criteria used is by measuring the influencers’ reach and engagement. While still important, there are also other criteria that needs to be applied. Our previous article helps you to decide whether choosing a micro-influencer or macro-influencer to help your marketing. Beside this consideration, you also need to consider the relevance of said influencers for your marketing needs. Native Advertising Institute suggested that a mismatched influencer marketing strategy may not only be a waste of budget, but can hurt your brands reputation as well.

Assessing relevance

A typical New Influencers produce a niche-based content. They are very specialized in one particular segment and therefore hold a very powerful influence over that particular segment. For instance, an influencer who produces tech product review with a ten thousand followers may hold more influence over their target audience rather than a celebrity with a hundred thousand followers. 72% say that relevancy is more important than reach. So, let’s say you are marketing a newly released smartphones, it would be better to go with a tech-savvy influencer with a few followers rather than a famous celebrity. There are various other influencers that produce a niche-based content for a specific segment such as parenting,
fitness, fashion that you can choose from. Just make sure that they cover your specific target audience.

Beware that a general segmentation is not enough. The key to a successful influencer-marketing campaign is to look at how aligned an influencer’s content is with your message. It would be very important to read through an influencer’s archived posts to truly understand their target audience. Let’s say you’re marketing a five-star luxurious hotel, then choosing a budget-traveller influencer would be a bad idea. And vice versa, choosing a celebrity traveller for a budget-hotel marketing would be an equally bad idea.

One other consideration is to consider an influencer’s personality. Once you’ve tapped someone to share your products, that person becomes an extension of your brand. You need to investigate the influencer’s previous post to ensure that they will be a good reflection of your brand’s mission. Let’s say your brand is a trusted news-source media, it would be important your brand’s mission to be reflected by the influencers you chose. Choosing a controversial and provocative influencer may hurts your brand’s mission. The same rule applies for other brands as well. This particular consideration is important as you may be able to recover from a waste of budget from working with an influencer with low followers count, but it is impossible to recover from a branding blunder.

73% believed that finding the right influencers is the hardest part of influencer marketing. Therefore, choosing an influencer-marketing agency may be the way to go. Explore Beyondhash’s services on our website for your influencer marketing solution.